Conference Excursion (29 May 2019)

Each tour has a limited capacity. Therefore we do encourage participants to indicate their interest in any tours on their registration form in order to confirm numbers before we secure bookings.

Nature Observations: Mai Po Nature Reserve

  • Known as Hong Kong’s “Bird Paradise,” the Mai Po Nature Reserve has a high diversity of wetland habitats including Gei Wais, mangroves, intertidal mudflats and reedbeds, and the reserve is an important habitat and staging site for waterbirds. In 1995, the reserve and the Inner Deep Bay wetlands were recognized as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention. Besides birds, the biodiversity of Mai Po is highlighted by the abundant Crustacea found in the reserve. This tour hosted by the WWF-Hong Kong will follow a designated trail that explores boardwalk and natural habitats of wild lives, as well as exploring the Gei Wai (traditional shrimp ponds) harvest. Mai Po’s Gei Wais are the last remaining in Hong Kong and are an example of sustainable use of wetlands. Don’t miss this opportunity to sign up for this unique experience! A sampling team will join the expedition to collect materials for the shrimp identification workshop, and we recommend participants signing up for the workshop join this tour to appreciate the habitat of some of the samples that are covered in the workshop.
  • Promotional itinerary:
    • 14:30 departure, 20:30 return
    • Nature trail
    • Introduction to Gei Wai culture
    • Sunset views
    • Gei Wai Museum
    • Gei Wai Harvesting
  • Please bring:
    • Your own binoculars
    • Bottle water/drinks
  • Maximum number of participants for Mai Po tour: 37.
  • Trip organiser: Ka Yan Ma ([email protected])
  • The cost of the Mai Po tour is HK$230 and includes:
    • Transport from the conference venue and hotel drop off
    • Entrance fee
    • Light refreshments

Nature Observations: Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park

  • Hoi Ha Wan is one of several Marine Parks in Hong Kong and supports >30 species of corals . Participants will join a tour hosted by WWF Hong Kong and snorkel at the marine park where over 60 native corals could be found.
  • Promotional itinerary:
    • 12:30 departure, 18:00 return
    • Introduction to marine parks and marine protected areas
    • Snorkeling in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park (near marine life centre and public pier)
  • Excursion requirements:
    • Participants should not have aquaphobia
  • Maximum number of participants for Hoi Ha Wan tour: 28.
  • Trip organiser: Yan Ping Loo ([email protected])
  • The cost of the Hoi Ha Wan tour is HK$830 and includes:
    • Transport from the conference venue and hotel drop off
    • Light refreshments
    • Supervision by certified open water diving staff

Theme Park: Ocean Park Hong Kong

  • Ocean Park Hong Kong is a poplar theme park located on Hong Kong Island entertaining residents and visitors for over 40 years. A tour behind the scenes with the Animal and Life Support Systems team at Ocean Park will reveal the tireless work that goes into bringing the grand aquarium experience to the countless visitors over the years. Participants will be able to stay and enjoy the amenities with a full adult admissions ticket to Ocean Park.
  • Promotional itinerary:
    • 13:00 departure
    • More details on the itinerary and tour can be found here.
  • Maximum participants for Ocean Park visit: 40. A minimum number of 20 participants is required to run the ocean park tour
  • Trip organiser: Zacary Chai ([email protected])
  • The cost of the Ocean Park visit is HK$550 and includes:
    • Transport from the conference venue (for return travel, connecting train services are available from Ocean Park station back to the hotels in Shatin)
    • Back of house guided tour of the Ocean Park aquarium systems (150 minutes)
    • 1 adult day-pass admission ticket

Cultural & Eco Tour: Sai Kung Tour

  • A guided boat tour around the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, followed by a tour along the popular “seafood street” will be provided by a certified geopark tour guides. The Geopark is home to world-class rock formations and other interesting geological features that will be featured in the guided tour. The culinary scene of Hong Kong historically emphasises the “live and fresh” tradition, with diners meeting their dinner before they are prepared. Sai Kung is a quiet fishing village where restaurateurs and seafood merchants have gathered around the pier to bring variety and experience to diners on the “seafood street”. After the guided tour, you can walk along the quiet streets to explore the local goods and antique stores and dine at one of the local dives before being dropped off back to your hotel.
  • Promotional itinerary:
    • 13:30 departure, 18:45 return
    • Guided geotour of the geopark features around sharp island (橋咀島) and shelter island (牛尾洲)
    • Seafood street
    • Free exploration around Sai Kung town (coach services will take participants back to the conference venue, a local guide will remain with those who wish to explore the town and return at together at 21:30 by public transport)
  • Maximum participants for Sai Kung Tour: 40. A minimum number of 30 participants is required to run the guided tour
  • Trip organiser: Zacary Chai ([email protected])
  • The cost of the Sai Kung Tour is HK$380 and includes:
    • Transport from the conference venue and hotel drop off
    • Guided boat tour of the Geopark (with one-day group insurance) and seafood street
    • light refreshments

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