Comparative Endocrinology and Genomics in Arthropods

Symposium Organiser:
William Bendena, Queen’s University, CANADA
Jerome Hui, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG SAR
Stephen Tobe, University of Toronto, CANADA

Email contact:


It is undeniable that studying the endocrinology and/or genomics of crustaceans contains its own merits – from understanding of their special biology to applications such as those in aquaculture or conservation. Indeed, the Crustacea also represents the immediate outgroup of Insecta, and their comparison to insects have been informative in providing understanding of the largest group of extant animals. In recent years, comparative endocrinology and genomics have also been expanded to other groups of non-insect/crustacean arthropods. This symposium have invited and will accept significant studies on the comparative endocrinology and/or genomics of arthropods. This symposium is also linked to the publications in a special issue in the journal General and Comparative Endocrinology

Invited Speakers:

Akbar John, International Islamic University, MALAYSIA
Zhen-peng Kai, Shanghai Institute of Technology, CHINA
Sheng Li, South China Normal University, CHINA
Donald Mykles, Colorado State University, USA



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