Deep-sea Biodiversity: A Crustacean Perspective

Symposium Organiser:
Moriaki YASUHARA, The University of Hong Kong
Saskia Brix, German Centre for Marine Biodiversity Research (DZMB), Senckenberg am Meer
Chih-Lin Wei, National Taiwan University

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The deep-sea covers 90% of the world’s oceans and 60% of Earth’s surface, harbouring amazing biodiversity. Crustaceans such as isopods, amphipods, copepods, and ostracods are major members of deep-sea macro- and meiofauna, which have been contributing to our better understanding of patterns and controlling factors in deep-sea biodiversity. Here in this symposium, we focus all aspects of deep-sea crustacean biodiversity. Contributions from all fields of taxonomy, ecology, biogeography, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, phylogeny, and palaeontology, among others, aiding broadly to better understand deep-sea biology are welcome. All deep-sea systems are covered including, but not limited to, continental slopes, abyssal plains, deep-sea canyons, trenches, sea mounts, and deep water column.  We aim to showcase recent trends in deep-sea biology from a crustacean perspective. Big data approach (e.g., OBIS) is also welcomed.

Invited Speakers:

Magdalena Błażewicz, University of Łódź, POLAND
Hanieh Saeedi, Deep-Sea Biology Society, GERMANY
Hiromi Watanabe,  Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), JAPAN

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