Taxonomic Identification of Shrimps and Prawns


The workshop aims to train both professional and amateur taxonomists as well as ecologists, with an emphasis on taxa known to or likely to occur in Hong Kong waters (freshwater and marine). During a practical, fresh and preserved samples will be used to demonstrate the distinguishing features of shrimps and prawns down to the level of family and genus. Accompanying talks will introduce the higher classification of shrimps and prawns. A sampling team will accompany the conference excursion to Mai Po Nature Reserve on 29th May to collect samples for the workshop, and workshop participants are encouraged to join this tour to appreciate the wild habitats as well as the sampling process.


Sammy De Grave
Senior Researcher
Oxford University Museum of Natural History, UKEmail:
Dr. De Grave specializes in the taxonomy and systematics of caridean shrimps, with forays into biogeography, faunistics, comparative morphology, ecology and conservation.


Tin-Yam Chan
Institute of Marine Biology and Center of Excellence for the Oceans,
National Taiwan Ocean University
Prof. Chan researches widely on the taxonomy and evolution of decapod crustaceans, with special focus on penaeoids, lobsters and deep-sea carideans. He has authored six guide books on various decapods in Taiwan, and is an author or technical advisor on the shrimp and lobster chapters in several FAO identification guides for fisheries purpose.


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