The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • University Entrance

Established in 1963, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is the territory’s second oldest university. Formed through the coalescence of three founding colleges, the university today is home to nine colleges and remains the only collegiate university in the territory.

The University is built upon steep hillsides, overlooking Tolo Harbour in Shatin. Located adjacent to CUHK is the university transport hub, with access to all travel modes by train, bus or taxi.

Initially consisting of only three faculties of Arts, Science and Social Science, the number of disciplines taught at CUHK has now expanded to include eight faculties. The official medium of instruction remains both in Chinese and English. Most, if not all science courses are taught in English.

In 2010, the School of Life Sciences was established by merging the Biochemistry and Biology departments under the Faculty of Science. The School offers six undergraduate major programs, including Biochemistry, Biology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Food & Nutritional Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Molecular Biotechnology. There are more than 1000 undergraduates and about 150 research postgraduate students in the School. The School of Life Sciences, CUHK is very proud to host TCS Mid-Year Meeting in 2019, which presents a wonderful opportunity for the community of crustacean researchers from around the world to gather and exchange ideas and findings.

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